Construction sites - video surveillance

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Construction sites - video surveillance

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Construction sites: Popular thieving field for thieves and long fingers

Opportunity makes thieves known. The number of thefts on construction sites has increased steadily in recent years. What can I take against thieves for action?

More and more, thieves are targeting metal and other valuable materials and expensive equipment. For example, copper and diesel are being stolen on a grand scale.


Ressourcen Einsparung

Rundgänge können optimiert digitalisiert werden.
Fortschritte überprüfen
Anlieferungen bestätigen

Sicherheit / Schutz vor Diebstahl

Schützen Sie Materila und Werkzeuge.
Schutz vor unberechtigtem Zutritt

Aufnahme / Überwachung

Aufnahmen im Büro  auswerten
Auswertung jederzeit möglich
Mobiler Zugriff auf die Anlage

Many companies use our security technology to protect and develop their business.

Visit us and make your own company a special one.

Police guides recommend

Police guides recommend the following rules of conduct:

     Secure and monitor area and inventory.
     Secure the material cart enough.
     Address unknown persons on site, ask for name and reason of stay.
     Noting license plates and vehicle brands of suspicious vehicles and notifying the police (tel. 117).
     Workers are aware that the thieves can also come during the day.

With a professionally configured and properly deployed video surveillance system supports or even fully covers the rules recommended by the police.